Brazilian Beef and Tomato Stew

K’s been on a hunt for some interesting recipes. She’s been going all international on me, which I LOVE. This recipe is a Brazilian beef stew that’s really delicious. She’d never considered oregano, cilantro, black beans and coconut milk hanging out and getting along. Oh, but do they ever in this gem. Servings: 8 Prep … Continue reading

Summer fun and excess (part 2)

We found ourselves in this exact situation during our recent trip. We knew that our exercise routine would be interrupted, but we hadn’t realized the extent of it. We also knew that our healthful eating would be compromised to some degree, but decided to make the best of it and bring some whole food items … Continue reading

Frittata Muffins

My partner isn’t big on sweets, and having too many granola bars and regular muffins as mini-meals/snacks starts to get to her. She found a savoury muffin recipe and I ran with it to give it a try. What a super protein-packed mini-meal! It’s like a little ham and cheese sandwich in a muffin!   … Continue reading

Spelt Sesame Crackers

I have to say these are pretty darn good, and I’ve been asked for the recipe. Here you are! And with a oh-so-high-quality cellphone pic to boot! Spelt Sesame Crackers Yield: 2 large baking sheets full of crackers, approximately 12 servings – nutritional data below has been assessed based on this 2 cups whole spelt … Continue reading

Summer fun and excess (part 1)

We just got back from a cabin-camping trip with our group of friends and have been discussing what happened with respect to our staying (or in this case, not staying) on the program. As I was thinking about writing this, a co-worker and I had a talk about her recent summer trips and socializing this … Continue reading

Our modified program

I knew that I would need to keep working with my energy therapies to deal with the emotional eating. I’d been working with them for a long time, but until this program evolved, did not have a sound structure for eating and exercising to accompany it. I’d considered Weight Watchers, since in my opinion it’s … Continue reading

But I don’t want to!

Our initial enthusiasm about the program in the book Body For Life quickly waned when we realized several things that weren’t appealing to us about the regime.   For me, it was the weights part of the exercise requirements.  I didn’t mind doing cardio workouts, since I’d been doing them for several years and actually … Continue reading

A little background…

Flash back a little over a year to where we started on this journey. I had been working out inconsistently for the previous 7 or so years, doing some aerobics and walking. I was about 30 to 35 pounds overweight and had been for some time. My body was getting really flabby as I approached … Continue reading

A celebration of setbacks

Welcome to our blog. We’re in the process of bouncing back from a bit of a setback in our program. The kind of setback that reaffirms how much this program really works. For one, setbacks are a given. They are a part of life. Life simply happens, sometimes gets in the way and interrupts our … Continue reading