A celebration of setbacks

Welcome to our blog. We’re in the process of bouncing back from a bit of a setback in our program. The kind of setback that reaffirms how much this program really works.

For one, setbacks are a given. They are a part of life. Life simply happens, sometimes gets in the way and interrupts our perfect little routines. One could even take a leap on this and wonder if the breaking of routines isn’t perfect in itself, since it shows us more. More about who we are, where we’re stuck, what’s working and what isn’t, what areas need movement and attention and what areas are doing just fine, thank you.

Another plus from the setback is that it has been showing us how far we’ve come and how much we have really been enjoying this new lifestyle. Both of us are eager to return to the program since we feel SO much better on it. Now it’s become like an old friend that we’ve missed seeing for about a month. We’re ready to have a little chat n’chew with ‘em. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and stuff.

There’s more to say about setbacks which will come soon. For now, one of the best things about this recent setback and recognizing all the setbacks that have happened over this past year, is this: every single experience of having a setback and bouncing back from it builds an inner confidence and knowing that a setback is not only temporary and recoverable, but that it’s easier and easier to lightly bounce back into this new, enjoyable way of being.

Thank you, setbacks!

We actually like our life and how we feel during this program. The before and after is so clear. We like the after.


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