But I don’t want to!

Our initial enthusiasm about the program in the book Body For Life quickly waned when we realized several things that weren’t appealing to us about the regime.


For me, it was the weights part of the exercise requirements.  I didn’t mind doing cardio workouts, since I’d been doing them for several years and actually enjoyed my little aerobics-at-home videos and brisk walks. I’d been considering starting to run despite my questionable knees since I’d been dreaming about running for months.


I knew that I wanted to become stronger, especially after seeing a couple of my older female family members struggle after having some injuries. Their lack of muscle strength made their recoveries brutal. Getting up and down out of chairs and tubs and using crutches…it was difficult enough, but since neither of them had ever done weight training, it made it even more challenging. I didn’t want to end up that way, but was already well on my way since I couldn’t even do one push-up and had always had a very weak upper body.


The thought of going to the gym was TOTALLY unappealing. It just grossed me out. I didn’t like the smell, the people, and I felt that I’d look ridiculous and be utterly out of my element. Yuck. I knew that there was a possibility of doing those workouts at home, but K. and I wanted to support each other by working out together. Plus, we both had access to an excellent free gym at work.


K., on the other hand, had already been going to the gym and actually loved the weights! She’s naturally strong and enjoyed becoming stronger. For her, the killer was twofold: having to do cardio regularly and doing the workouts 6 days per week. This did not appeal to her in the least. She knew that she really had to change something, though, since adult-onset Diabetes runs rampant in her family.


Finally, the diet laid out in the book really sucked.  I knew from my background that it really wasn’t healthy in a holistic way, and the thought of doing protein shakes every day sounded nasty. The meals and recipes laid out in the book were rather unappealing as well, especially to food lovers like us.


That about summed up our resistance. We knew, however, that there was a gem in all of this that we somehow needed to shine up. We could both feel it. We decided that we’d modify the program and deal with our resistance.


We decided we’d throw out everything about the diet except for two things: we would eat 6 times a day and include protein with each meal and we would allow ourselves a crazy day each week to eat whatever we wanted. The rest of the week we would eat a whole foods diet focusing on unprocessed, natural, real food.


I read the portion of the book to K. about why we should do the mini-workouts 6 times a week. Fortunately, the workouts in the book were very short (20 to 45 minutes max, depending on whether it was cardio or weights) and easy to work into our schedules. The daily workouts with their extra burn time built in afterward actually made logical sense to us. It was like getting more bang for your buck.


The lack of desire for K. to do cardio and for me to go to the gym was another thing. Fortunately, I work with energy therapies like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting, so we did some tapping on our resistance to these things. It didn’t take long before we were okay with the idea. On top of that, we decided to do a 21-day clearing/visualizing tapping exercise around getting ourselves to work out regularly. It was fun to do, and by the end, neither of us had any resistance at all about working out. We’d actually gotten ourselves to the gym and were beginning to enjoy it!


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