Our modified program

I knew that I would need to keep working with my energy therapies to deal with the emotional eating. I’d been working with them for a long time, but until this program evolved, did not have a sound structure for eating and exercising to accompany it.

I’d considered Weight Watchers, since in my opinion it’s probably the best diet out there, but the reality is that it’s still a diet. It’s restricted and is based on an external system that basically dictates how much you can eat. Sure, you can make whatever choices you’d like within that system, but you might end up hungry by the end of the day (or week), going over your points. Or your body may be craving something that takes you way beyond your point system. In any case, it still felt like a diet to me, and I didn’t like the inclusion of so many low-fat processed foods.

With our new easy-to-follow regime, the emotional work became more focused and efficient. I began getting much better results and noticing big changes in my desire to overeat, to emotionally eat, and to eat in response to stress. My cravings were changing. It was awesome, and still is. It’s like all the years of work I’d done around food and eating started to come together.

The core of our modified program consists of the following:

1. Exercise 6 days a week alternating cardio (20 minutes) and strength training (30 to 40 minutes)
2. Eat whole foods 6 days a week, observing a hunger scale and eating protein with each meal
3. Address stressors daily with energy therapies (for emotional eaters)

This may sound onerous, but once we got into the swing of things, we found it to be surprisingly easy, maintainable, enjoyable and realistic. We actually miss it during times when we get thrown off our routine. We both love how we feel on the program, so as a sustainable lifestyle for the rest of our lives, we are happy to embrace it and see what happens to our bodies as we continue on this path. At the time of writing this, it’s been about 14 months, and we both feel great!


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