Summer fun and excess (part 2)

We found ourselves in this exact situation during our recent trip. We knew that our exercise routine would be interrupted, but we hadn’t realized the extent of it. We also knew that our healthful eating would be compromised to some degree, but decided to make the best of it and bring some whole food items and cook healthier meals while there with the gang.

Our prep:

  • We brought exercise clothes with the intention to go for a run-walk on most days since weights exercises were unlikely going to happen given the environment.
  • We brought some granola bars for snacks and healthy eats for the 5.5 hour road trip.
  • We knew we’d be doing a group shopping run in the Costco that was about an hour before the end of the world where our friends’ new property lay, so K. decided she’d get the ingredients to make Chicken Shawarma.

What actually happened:

  • The property was so remote that there were cougars, vipers, rattlesnakes and bears in the area. I’m too chicken to go for a walk-run on a gravel road in those circumstances, so that didn’t happen…
  • We did walk around a bit on the property, and I used an old scythe to cut down some grass (good workout!), plus we went canoeing, which actually was a fairly good arm and back workout. For the rest of the time, however, we ended up sitting a lot – in the mornings over a leisurely breakfast, in the evenings around the fire pit.
  • We did manage to get some whole food stuff at Costco, and our friends are healthy-minded, so the dinners were great in terms of that. We did, however, eat an awful lot of regular bagels, sausages and not-super-healthy snacks. Overall, the food quality was pretty good despite this.
  • Beer. Wine. The great outdoors. Oh, and an afternoon of wine-tasting tours. Let’s just say it was all more than we normally consume!
  • For me, the biggest challenge was in the timing. I’m used to eating every 2-3 hours when I get hungry. When we were with a group, though, the eating pattern was different. It was more of a 3-meals-per day situation. One day we ate breakfast around 10:30 and then didn’t eat again until 3:30 pm. In light of this, I found that I consistently overate at each meal, kind of in a panicky way; I think to make sure that I wouldn’t get too hungry before the next meal. As a result, I ended up eating to a level of fullness that felt too stuffed.
  • S’mores. Toasted marshmallows on the fire. Just sayin’.

We still have some work to do around this so that we can be a bit better prepared for getaways like this. That all being said, as soon as we returned, it felt like putting on a comfy pair of slippers to get back to our regular routine. I already feel better!


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