The food lover’s quest for a sustainable and easy solution to becoming fit, strong and permanently free of excess weight.

Wow, sounds like a lofty goal! Fact is, that we’re well on our way and loving it. This blog’s about that adventure, sharing the ups and downs and the deliciousness all along the way.

Recipes, ideas, food info, meanderings. Yep, it’s all here. Or soon will be. Stay tuned.

Who we are

A somewhat feisty couple of 40-something food lovers who have been in need of a lifestyle shift somethin’ fierce.

One of us is an amazing cook (not her profession, but could easily be!) who woke up to realize that she’d gained enough weight to want to make a change for her health now and in the future.  Without compromising flavor. Period. It’s not going to happen for this chickie.

The other of us is an energy healer and holistic nutritionist, and has been trying to get the other to cook more healthfully for years, especially since she doesn’t have talents in the kitchen herself. Now we have the best of both worlds. The forte of this one is also dealing with emotional eating, having lots of experience in this area.

For more information about energy healing, please visit http://meridiantherapy.ca/.


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